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Sport Guide - MedicBite System

Sport Guide - MedicBite System

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The Sport Guide: Maximize Your Performance and Reduce Recovery Time

Experience a revolution in your athletic performance with the Sport Guide from MedicBite. This innovative system is designed to enhance your strength, mobility, and coordination while simultaneously reducing recovery time after workouts or injuries. Targeted pressure points relieve strain on your motor centers and cranial joints, allowing for intense training without misalignment. Benefit from increased flexibility, enhanced strength, and quicker recovery from exertion.

Seamlessly integrate the Sport Guide into your training routine and witness how it elevates your athletic goals to the next level. Discover the transformative power of the Sport Guide and become a stronger, more capable athlete.

MedicBite System: Procedure:

1. 3D Body Scan: Your journey begins with a precise 3D body scan and exclusive consultation.

2. 3D X-ray Scan (DVT): Safe and effective, the low-dose 3D X-ray scan provides important insights.

3. 3D Dental Scan: Precision to the smallest detail – the 3D dental scan shows an accurate status of your teeth.

4. 3D Face Scan: Comprehensive analysis of your facial profile for personalized recommendations.

5. 3D Bite Force Scan: We measure your bite force to precisely adjust your guide.

6. Data collection and a globally unique calculation and analysis 

7. Your personalized guide

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