The MedicBite System

We take pride in offering the unique therapeutic MedicBite System exclusively at RemediCool. The MedicBite Guides have undergone years of interdisciplinary research and development in the healthcare market. These guides are functional guiding elements worn on the teeth to optimize the medical bite and support better regulation of the body's systems. Through a holistic approach to the body and cranial joints, we have gained a deeper understanding of their interconnections. The guides stimulate the swallowing reflex and saliva flow, improve craniosacral rhythm and skull breathing, leading to positive stress management and increased strength and vitality. The unique algorithm determines the optimal distribution of force and the position of the lower jaw to the upper jaw. Our goal is to achieve pressure relief in the cranial sutures, head nerves, brainstem, and jaw muscles. This biomechanical principle is integrated into the guides, which, through their precise and large-scale design, provide immediate relief and balance to the cranial joints during swallowing and biting.

Integrate the MedicBite System in your life

The specially designed and globally unique guides, Reverse - Sport - and Sleep, lead you to a harmonious sense of well-being and an immediate increase in strength. Integrate the guides into your daily routine and experience instant change from the first use. The upper and lower jaw guides correct physical asymmetries and lead them to their orthopedic and functional starting position. Each guide offers specific applications and benefits. The Reverse Guide resets all regulatory systems and corrects a variety of issues, such as physical misalignments and health complaints. The Sport Guide optimizes performance enhancement and shortens recovery time after training or injuries. The Sleep Guide improves sleep quality and reduces stress.

Explore the various applications and effects of our guides and make MedicBite an integrated part of your life!

The Guides:

Reverse - Sport - Sleep

Reverse Guide:

The Reverse Guide resets the regulatory systems to position zero, including the postural system, hormonal system, nervous system, vegetative system, and stress management system. This allows for starting from scratch and initiating a holistic regeneration phase. It is optimally combined with HBO and M.C.S. for sustainable regeneration. The Reverse Guide offers functional improvements such as relieving headaches, toothaches, and dizziness. It provides a holistic solution for improved well-being.


  • Headaches (migraines)
  • Head pressure
  • Neck and throat tension
  • Neck stiffness
  • Grinding
  • Unexplained toothaches
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Eye pressure
  • Unexplained earaches/ear noises
  • Jaw joint noises and cervical spine noises (rubbing-cracking)
  • Dizziness
  • Iliosacral joint blockade
  • Atlas shifts and cervical spine
  • Mouth opening restriction
  • Asymmetrical mouth opening
  • Asymmetry of the face/eye size
  • Eye flicker
  • Depression
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Sport Guide:

The Sport Guide is your ideal partner in supporting muscle function, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. It's perfect not only for optimizing facial structure and enhancing athletic performance, but also for those aiming for increased strength and flexibility.


  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased strength and coordination (allows for harder and more intense training from the first swallowing action)
  • Reduction of misalignments
  • Shortened recovery time after injury or physical activity
  • Pressure relief on joints and nerves
  • Positive training and stress system adaptation through sports with the Sport Guide
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Sleep Guide:

The Sleep Guide is worn at night, relaxing the nervous system and opening airways for deeper sleep stages. This results in improved sleep quality and reduced stress.


  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Reduction of airway obstruction due to tongue displacement
  • Relief of jaw muscle tension or CMD
  • Stress reduction
  • Pressure relief
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Discover the transformative power of our guide system and unlock your unique potential. Invest in your quality of life and explore the possibilities of the guide system today!