Reverse Guide

The secret behind the Reverse Guide

Function of the Reverse Guide:

The Reverse Guide resets the regulatory systems. If there is an asymmetric posture, it affects the entire body. The guide resets to the optimal state, especially for:

  • Posture system
  • Hormone system
  • Somatic nervous system
  • Autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic, sympathetic)
  • Stress management system
  • Neuromuscular system

    The Reverse Guide can be optimally combined with Multi Cryo Health Systems such as mHBO, cryo chamber, lymphatic drainage, and M.C.S., for sustainable and long-lasting regeneration.

    Areas of application:
  • Correction of facial asymmetry and physical misalignment
  • Relief from body noises such as ear ringing, snoring, and body cracking

Improvement of concentration, learning ability, and cognitive performance

Assistance with mood swings, tongue burning, tinnitus, dizziness, ear numbness, and depression.

How does the Reverse Guide help?

The Reverse Guide provides a comprehensive solution for various complaints:

Facial asymmetry
- Unevenly sized eyes
- Cleft lips
- Protruding neck
- Thin lips

Physical misalignment
- Poor posture
- Tilted head
- Crooked stance
- Unpleasant gait
- Limping
- Spinal curvature

Body noises
- Ear ringing
- Snoring
- Body cracking

Poor concentration
- Reduced learning ability
- Decreased cognitive performance
- Tongue burning
- Dizziness
- Tinnitus
- Ear numbness
- Mood swings
- Depression

How long and how often should the Reverse Guide be worn?

Your body responds immediately to the effects of our guides. The more you wear them, the more directly you feel the changes. The secret lies in continuity – regular wear maximizes the positive effects. Make the guides an integral part of your routine and let your body immediately benefit from the advantages.

Discover the transformative power of the Reverse Guide and experience how it helps you achieve a higher quality of life and improved well-being.

Start your journey to a better posture with the MedicBite Systems. For more information, please contact us at 0221 96028668.