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Sleep Guide - MedicBite System

Sleep Guide - MedicBite System

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Sleep-Guide: A New Approach for Better Sleep

The Sleep-Guide is worn at night and works to relax the nervous system. It opens the airways and promotes deeper sleep stages, resulting in improved sleep quality and reduced stress.

The Benefits of the Sleep Guide:

  • Pressure Relief: Enjoy a night without pressure points. The Sleep Guide ensures even pressure distribution, contributing to a pleasant sleeping experience and restful sleep.
  • Addresses Sleep Disorders: The symmetrical design tailored to the head ensures restful sleep without grinding, snoring, or breathing pauses. Opening the airways increases oxygen saturation during sleep.
  • Stress Reduction: The Sleep Guide combats rising fatigue and promotes active stress management. Become stress-free overnight.

Experience energy like never before through deep and restful sleep with the help of the Sleep Guide!

MedicBite System: Procedure: 

1. 3D Body Scan: Your journey begins with a precise 3D body scan and exclusive consultation.

2. 3D X-ray Scan (DVT): Safe and effective, the 3D X-ray scan provides important insights with low radiation exposure.

3. 3D Dental Scan: Precision to the smallest detail - the 3D dental scan shows an accurate status of your teeth.

4. 3D Face Scan: A comprehensive analysis of your facial profile for personalized recommendations.

5. 3D Bite Force Scan: We measure your bite force to precisely adjust your guide.

6. After data collection and a globally unique calculation and analysis: Your personal guide

Invest in your nightly beauty ritual and experience the transformative effect of the Sleep Guide. Wake up every morning with boundless energy and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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