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Sport + Reverse Guide - MedicBite System

Sport + Reverse Guide - MedicBite System

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The Sport and Reverse Guide as Duo-Package:

The Sport Guide enhances strength, mobility, and coordination in sports. Due to its design, the motor centers and head joints are relieved of pressure. An optimized functionality of the movement system is ensured for intensive training with the Sport Guide. By regularly wearing the Sport Guide, the recovery time after sports or injuries is shortened.

Subsequently, the Reverse-Guide resets the regulatory systems. If there is an asymmetrical posture, it affects the entire body. The guides reset to the optimal state of:

  • Posture system
  • Hormone system
  • Somatic nervous system (parasympathetic, sympathetic)
  • Autonomic nervous system
  • Stress management system
  •  Neuromuscular system

Sport Guide:

- Strengthens and improves: More flexibility, increased strength, and shortened recovery time after injuries or intense training.


- Regenerates and heals: The guide promotes relaxation throughout the body and ensures sustainable and long-lasting regeneration phases through its functionality.

The Duo Package offers:

  • Holistic Transformation: For higher quality of life and improved physical performance enhancement.

Optimal combinable with the Multi-Cryo-Health System:

mHBO, cryo chamber, lymphatic drainage, and M.C.S.

MedicBite System: Process:

1. 3D Body Scan: Your journey begins with a precise 3D body scan and exclusive consultation.
2. 3D X-ray Scan (DVT): Safe and effective, the 3D X-ray scan provides important insights with low radiation exposure.
3. 3D Dental Scan: Precision to the smallest detail - the 3D dental scan shows an accurate status of your teeth.
4. 3D Face Scan: A comprehensive analysis of your facial profile for personalized recommendations.
5. 3D Bite Force Scan: We measure your bite force to precisely adjust your guide.
6. After data collection and a globally unique calculation and analysis: Your personal guide.

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